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Ludovic Biyong


About Ludovic Biyong


Creator and founder of PA2M QUANTUM and, Ludovic Biyong has made a name for himself as a data science entrepreneur with a passion for revolutionizing his generation, and consequently the world. Young and talented – this is how he’s often described – Ludovic’s work in tech and computer engineering has caused quite a stir.

“I’m really passionate about seeing Africa grow and prosper with the benefits that tech have to offer.” Cameroonian born and now back in his homeland, Ludovic is passionate about developing a crowdfunding platform that will allow young Cameroonian entrepreneurs to connect with investors and help put their dreams and visions into a tangible product.

Ludovic Biyong founded PA2M QUANTUM and back in 2013 as an outgrowth from a desire to help people truly accomplish greatness through the means of tech. was created to run solely on AI. Artificial Intelligence is a passion of Ludovic’s, and his desire is to help people create a future for themselves that allows them to pursue their passions, make the world a better place, and help their neighbor.

In 2005, Ludovic trained as a Software Engineer at Unisys. From there, Ludovic moved into the role of Software Engineer at Winwise where he developed and maintained software systems. After that, Ludovic Biyong moved into the role of Director at Cap Atila Group, a position he served in until 2012.

Ludovic’s passion for excellence comes out in more than his work in data science and tech, as he attended FTA Global from 2012-2013, a world-class commercial flight academy based in Brighton, UK. During this time, he spent 100 hours as pilot-in-command, even taking part in cross-country flights and solo take-offs.

“I’m really passionate about mastery. One of the things I’ve discovered in life is the power of discipline. Discipline allows freedom when it matters most. So, by focusing on what I want to do in the moment and really engaging with my whole mind, I can begin to let go in the times when it should be a but more free and really continue to stay in the moment.” Ludovic is truly a man beyond his years, and he’s an inspiration to people regardless of their field or industry.

For more, be sure to follow Ludovic Biyong online and stay up to date with the latest insights and updates into data science, tech, entrepreneurship, and Ludovic’s work!

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